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The one, the only, "valsadie"! Welcome to Valsadie.com!

My name is Valerie

 -- though you can call me Val :> -- 

and this is my site, Valsadie.com.

Why "valsadie"?

The "valsadie" name came about back in 1995. I was signing up with AOL and needed a user ID, and AOL wouldn't accept any of the variations I came up with mixing my first, middle, and last names (back in the "dark ages" when AOL user IDs could only be a maximum of 10 places long). My friend Sadie was over, looking over my new computer with me, and, at wit's end, I took my name, stuck her name at the end of it, and typed it in. And AOL took it!

At the time, my intention had been to change this user ID later, and not really be known by the obviously-made-up name of "valsadie." But, as procrastination seems to be beyond my psychology and a part of my very biology, I didn't get around to it. And so it stayed. And so it stuck. And so here we are :>!

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Uppity-Negro.com Blog
How ya gonna know what's going on at all if you don't read the Uppity-Negro.com blog?


As some of you coming here know, the Uppity-Negro.com blog was created by my brother, Aaron. He very recently and very unexpectedly passed away. If and only if you can, we're accepting monetary donations to defray the cost of certain services through PayPal. Click the PayPal "Make A Donation" button below. Thank you!


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Valsadie Site Guide!
including links to my many famous (or should I say infamous?) Michael Jackson pages!

Beyond the Michael Jackson, Hercules & Xena, and Janet Jackson word find puzzles...

Be sure to check out my pages with Michael Jackson photos, both the page with photos from Michael's early career with the Jackson Five and the Jacksons with brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy, and the page with photos from Michael's later solo career.

I've set aside some space on each page for shopping, shopping, shopping! There's a Val's Little Michael Jackson Stuff Store, a Val's Little Hercules and Xena Bookstore, and a Val's Little Janet Jackson Store. For power shopping, though, check out the King of Pop Michael Jackson Superstore and the spankin' new Janet Jackson Superstore, which both have direct links to the Amazon.com, Alibris.com, and BarnesandNoble.com (or BN.com) bookstores, and the CD Universe record store. There's also now "in-store music," an Internet radio station! However, if you want a Michael Jackson video that's not listed in any of the stores, see my page of Michael Jackson Video Vendors.

Also, be sure to check out my original screenplay written for Michael, titled, "The Love Song of Prince Michael and Cecelia". This screenplay has yet to be produced into a feature film. I think it could be a magical medieval movie musical with lots of special effects -- or could also work as an animated feature. It's the second draft, and has been registered with the Writers Guild of America, West. Some song lyrics have yet to be written, but the story for the most part is complete. It was this photo of Michael that initially inspired me to write this story.

See my essay on Michael Jackson, called, "America Misses Michael Jackson!" Included in the essay are my own opinions on the child abuse accusations made toward Michael in 1993. I had previously thought to avoid this subject, but I've realized that I can't really have an intelligent presentation on Michael's career without referring to it in some way. Read it, and, if you want, make your own comments known in my discussion forum.

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Also, since I'm never at a loss for opinions (!), I have put together a page which protests the actions taken by the singer, Prince Rogers Nelson, in late February 1999, his having taken legal action against a handful of fan web sites and fan magazines. At the time, it was customary to call him the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, TAFKAP, AFKAP, or to have the symbol as his name, O)+>. But it was "Prince Rogers Nelson" on the lawsuits! And sure enough, in the year 2000, he took this name "back," holding a press conference to announce that we could all go back to calling him "Prince" again. Well, isn't that special--?! Up until 1998, I really believed in Prince, that he was trying to do something different and productive with his life and career. But you don't threaten and sue your fans, the people who listen to your music and support you! Read my web page, Diamonds and PURLs, and its accompanying "store," for more information. Also, check out prince.org.

I have taken the ever-increasing amount of Dorothy Dandridge info from the Janet Jackson page and put it on its own page, Presenting Dorothy Dandridge. And if you're a collector of classic film memorabilia, see my page listing Dorothy Dandridge Memorabilia Vendors.

Two of my newest pages involve my favorite boy band, the Backstreet Boys. What I had intended to be a paragraph turned into a brief essay on these five talented young men, "Why the Backstreet Boys are Cool." Also, there's a Backstreet Boys Superstore.

And now, see my kicky Batman TV Show Superstore!

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More Valsadie on the Web!

Surf over to Valsadie's Bookmarks for a list of my favorite web sites, courtesy of the Netscape Open Directory Project (see their mascot, Mozilla, below)!

If you want, check out the Valsadie's Bookmarks page, which comes courtesy of the Netscape Open Directory Project. The page includes direct links to official and/or fan web pages for actors Bruce Campbell and Shemar Moore, for songwriters and performers Robi Draco Rosa, Maxwell, Tina Turner, Donna Summer, Peter Cox, Rob Paravonian, Sting, Lara Fabian, and Mike Rayburn, and for chef and TV personality Emeril Lagasse, as well as links to such web pages as the All Media Guide's music, movie, and games online databases, Christopher J. Priest's thorough and necessary disassemble of present hip hop culture in his thought-provoking essay, The Ostracized Negro, and the irascible and brilliant Uppity-Negro.com: Working Papers in Uppity Negritude

See the banners below for more bookmarked sites!


Weird Al Yankovic Petition Banner


Michael Musto at VillageVoice.com
How ya gonna know what's going on in NYC if you don't read Village Voice's La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto?


Ted Casablanca, The Awful Truth
How ya gonna know what's going on in Hollywood if you don't read E! Online Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth?


Link to The Boondocks comic strip
How ya gonna know what's going on in the world if you don't read The Boondocks comic strip by Aaron McGruder?

LATEST NEWS: Is the Boondocks comic ending?
Watch the Boondocks animated television series on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim!
Watch the Boondocks animated television series at home!


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This page was originally published on March 18, 2001. Date of most current update: 12/09/2009. Web site created entirely by valsadie@aol.com. Copyright 2001-2010.

If you like, drop me a line sometime.


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I plan to explore many themes and ideas on these pages. See the links below to keep up!

See my other web sites...


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See the First 2003 KYI Superstore which spotlighted such items as Seabiscuit: An American Legend, The Devil Wears Prada: A Novel, the TOP country music CDs, and the My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD. The Second 2003 KYI Superstore featured Bernie Mac's ALA READ poster, Kelly Kenyatta's Red Hot Halle biography, Maroon 5's Songs About Jane, iPods, the movie Valley Girl and its assorted CD soundtracks, and cool cult films Office Space, The Big Lebowski and Psycho Beach Party. See the 2002 Keeping You Informed Superstore (as well as the Val's 2002 Wish List edition) and the Keeping You Informed Archives (1999-2001)


Come and talk about Michael Jackson, Dorothy Dandridge, Janet Jackson, "Weird Al" Yankovic, the Jackson Five, Prince, and even more, in the Valsadie's Forum @ Yuku!

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Presenting Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge Memorabilia Vendors

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Link to Weird Al MTV Vanguard Petition, Photo stolen from WeirdAl.com, My shame is immeasurable!

Weird Al for MTV Video Vanguard Award Online Petition

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Backstreet Boys in Alley, from back of "Black & Blue"

Why the Backstreet Boys are Cool

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Pages protesting Prince Rogers Nelson's Web Sites Lawsuit

Diamonds and PURLs

Diamonds and PURLs Store


Batman -- The Movie (1966) - DVD

See my kicky Batman TV Show Superstore!

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